Friday, August 26, 2011

Marriage to Princess Yasodhara

The young prince evern though he excelled in studies, mental and physical abilities, had everything he wanted was always very reflective, and deep in thought. This worried the King,  and he sought counsel from his wise men  to what should be done to keep him more on a carefree and merry mood. Because all along the King was plagued by the prophecy of the wise sages at the birth and the naming ceremony of the prince, that his son would one day leave the palace to be a mendicant monk. These advisors said "Oh King your son is now 16 years old. So why not get him married to a beautiful girl.  This would keep him tied down to lay life indeed.”

The King thereafter arranged for a beautiful Princess from the Koliya Royal Clan to be the Prince’s wife.   Prince Siddhartha however, had to perform various feats to prove himself and win her hand.  This he did excellently, to show his prowess as a defender of his country and its people, to her father King Suppabuddha, who doubted his abilities.