Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ajahn Sumedho

Ajahn  Sumedho of Amaravati Monastery in Hertfordshire, retired last year.  Adorably known as Luang Por,  he was the oldest monk in Europe at the age of sixty (60 !!! .. too young to be the oldest !!! in Asian standards) when I visited Amaravati  back in 1996. 

We do wish him all the best to enjoy his peace and quititude in retirement, which he much deserves.  We do know how busy he was, always on the go, as he was in much demand.  However, as much as we wish him to enjoy his retirement in peace, we do wish we'd be able to see him again at Amaravati.  Even though I am from Sri Lanka, I cannot fathom Amaravati without him. So how would his disciples in England and indeed all Europe respond to this situation.  We know that life is very uncertain and that we have to accept saying good bye. Nevertheless....   , we still would love to see him at Amarawati