Friday, July 8, 2011

The Buddha set the Dhammachakka rolling................

Don"t be like the Hampster on this wheel, going round and round.

Stop .., Be Still....
In the silence, you will hear.
Listen, Be in the present moment.
Don't go to the past,
Don't go to the future
Be quiet in the Present Moment.
That is all you have now.  The past is gone, the future uncertain.

You will hear your own breath.
Focus on it silently.
This way enlightenment is possible.
Because right now, feeling your breath, with nothing in your mind.
Just his breath.
You will not hear anything going on between your ears.
You are free from any craving, that leads you on in Sansara.
Like the Hamspter above.
Don't go round and round like the hampster.

Get enlightened.
Be silent.
Be present in this moment.
Enjoy the peace within.

Now  learn what the Buddha said, on the Full Moon Poya day, in July, about 2500 years ago.  This fool moon day is called "Asala".  A is pronounced like the first A in Amazon.
Read the Sutta in English

Listen to it as it was chanted in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in the 6th Century. Click on the words My favourite to listen to a three year old chant the Chamma cakka Sutta by Heart.

Listen to it as it is chanted now at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery-UK.