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Life and Teachings of Gauthama Buddha

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Gauthama Buddha
Part One 

Life before Enlightenment
2. Birth of a Buddha...
         Around 623 BC, in India, the ......
         When the date of birth for her baby came closer,

3. Baby Prince
         King Suddhodana and all the other Shakyan ........Ascetic Asitha.

4. Young Prince
         Prince Siddhattha and the Swan
         Prince Siddhattha's uncle King Suppabuddha............
         The young prince evern though he excelled ........

5.      Seeing the four sights... old, sick, dead and the free mendicant monk.
         Great Renunciation
6.      Ascetic Prince

7.      Enlightenment - After seeing the gold bowl float upstream....
         What helped Enlightenment
         The Method that enlightened Ascetic Siddhattha - Breathing in- Breathing out - Ana-pana Sati -
         Download and listen to it.

Gauthama Buddha
Part two 
Life after Enlightenment
Asala Full Moon Poya day
8.   Enlightening others -1st Dhamma discourse - Dhammacakka-pawatthana sutta 

10.   Sending the first disciples out to teach

11.  General Facts about where the Buddha spent his rains retreats 
           .....Where the Buddha spent His rains retreats

Mettha the Unique Quality of the Buddha

Mettha Sutta     Karaniya Mettha Sutta -  Chanting of Mettha Sutta

Elephant Nalagiri - Mettha  - Unique Quality of the Buddha

Taming the Elephant Nalagiri
Even so Sometimes it is necessary to make a little noise.
It is necessary to be firm, otherwise people will take advantage of your kindness.

For children

This link will get you books (including a colouring book) for children as small as 2 or 3 years as well as good reading material for children up to 12 years.

Buddhist Monasteries
Western Communities of Monks and nuns
Buddhist Monasteries
Arrow River Forest Hermitage - Canada
Await more

Works of Art Round the World
Works of Art Depicting the Buddha- By Modern Sinhalese Artist, "Dhamma Eye"

Nicholas Chevalier - Renunciation - 1828

For Meditation and Chanting
Guided Meditation on Mettha by Ajahn Brahmali
Meditation on Mettha and chanting to welcome the New Year
Anapana Sathi
Basic Method of Meditation - read

King Devanam Piyatissa laying down his bow and arrow